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Alison Fleming is a longtime songwriter and recording artist. Originally from Yorkshire, and now based in Colorado, USA. 

Alison played piano as a child, growing up with an appreciation of music thanks to her parents who both played piano, her mother into the classics and her father a jazz enthusiast. She would create her own little pieces and found it easy to pick up tunes by ear. Her mother's love of film musicals rubbed off on her with classics such as, 'The Sound of Music' and 'Funny Girl'. 

Alison also had a knack for poetry that won her some competitions at school. By her mid-teens she had picked up acoustic guitar.

It wasn't until the 1980s - while working in publishing - that she started songwriting proper. The drive was purely emotional, to write songs from the soul. Her first tracks composed on guitar had an acoustic folk-feel. A penchant for ambiguous chords and phrasing and a progressive thread, runs through all her songwriting to date.

As her studio developed so did her solo writing style, which has been put under genres including singer-songwriter, alternative-indie, dream pop, art rock, free folk, Brit-pop, experimental, new progressive…and genre-fusion. Her free form approach has brought in equal measure suggestions of songwriters such as Bjork and Kate Bush; Joni Mitchell and Edie Brickell; Annie Lennox and Belinda Carlisle.

Her first song-demos to industry in the 80's were well received among A&R folk in London UK, who asked her to put the tracks into better shape.

Enter renowned guitarist producer creator, Tony Lowe - now longtime musical colleague and friend - whose first productions of her tracks were pivotal in garnering the interest of Chrysalis Records, and later of Hit and Run Music Publishing (UK).

Lowe and Fleming's co-written albums 'All of the Above' and 'Second Nature' landed on the first ballot lists of the GRAMMY® Awards 2007 and 2008, an unprecedented achievement for independent artists.  Third co-write album, ‘Human Sleeping’ was released in 2014.

Alison has contributed variously over the years to Tony Lowe's star studded 'esp project' and has co-written and made guest appearances on other albums on the associated Sunn Creative label. 

In 2012 Alison began working also with music producer and songwriter Paul Baggott (UK). She has released five solo albums produced by Paul to date - three under the 'Freeway' project in 2017/2018;  followed by ‘Play On Words’ in March of 2023 and ‘Play On Words - The Remixes’ 24th May 2024. Alison continues to write and record out of her studio at home in Colorado.

Tracks & Credits

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#     TITLE                                                                               ISRC                                      TIME  

1 CATCH YOU OUT (REMIX) QZ-68X-23-00019 3 49
2 OPHELIA (REMIX) QZ-68X-23-00020 4 53
3 RUN RIOT (REMIX) QZ-68X-23-00021 4 29
4 THE FISHERMAN (REMIX) QZ-68X-23-00022 4 10
5 LET IT RAIN (REMIX) QZ-68X-23-00023 4 45
6 LOVER IN THE SUN (REMIX) QZ-68X-23-00024 4 18
7 IN THE COUNTRY NOW (REMIX) QZ-68X-23-00025 3 41
8 IN A DAZE (REMIX) QZ-68X-23-00026 4 22
9 NO GOOD CHILD (REMIX) QZ-68X-23-00027 4 44
10 PLAY ON WORDS (REMIX) QZ-68X-23-00028 5 05


Length: 44:16 minutes

Number of tracks: 10 (ten)

UPC: 198500813593

Album Release date: May 24th 2024

Distribution/Administration: CD Baby, Portland OR USA 

Formats: CD and digital download - available at Bandcamp; Amazon; and streaming online

Original songs by Alison Fleming ~ © 2023 Alison Fleming 

Remixes created produced and mastered by Paul Baggott

Vocals, backing vocals, and vocals as instrumentation: Alison Fleming

Additional backing vocals: Paul Baggott

Software Instruments performance: Paul Baggott

Recording window: March - November 2023


Cover Design: Alison Fleming and Paul Baggott

Profile photos (taken at The Royal Observatory, Greenwich London UK): Stephen Hugill ~ © 2022 Stephen Hugill 

Cityscape (Waikiki Beach, Hawaii USA): Alison Fleming ~ © 2022 Alison Fleming 

Finished artist: Brock, at Cantrell-Barnes Printing Inc, 1630 St Louis St, Springfield MO 65802 USA

CD Printing and Manufacturing: Disc Makers 7905 N Crescent Blvd, Pennsauken, New Jersey USA


ALISON FLEMING: Vocals and Backing vocals and vocals as instrumentation. 


PAUL BAGGOTT: Creation, sound design, arrangements, performance, production, mix engineering, mastering / INSTRUMENTS: Fender Bass guitar, Backing vocals / SOFTWARE INSTRUMENTS: Serum VST wavetable synthesizer (Xfer Records) / Omnisphere software synthesizer (Spectrasonics) / Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand virtual piano (Garritan) / Trilian acoustic electric and synth basses (Spectrasonics) / Maschine 2 (Native Instruments) / Elastik 3 Adlibs sampler player: male vocal modelling (Üeberschall) on track ‘In The Country Now’ / Kick 2 virtual kick drum synthesizer (Sonic Academy) / Stylus RMX groove plugin (Spectrasonics) / Ambient White sound design (Big Fish Audio) / Ambient Minimalism soundscapes (Big Fish Audio) / Kontakt Strings (Native Instruments) / Kontakt Stradivari solo violin (Native Instruments) / Keyscape virtual keyboards (Spectrasonics) / Emerge mutated organic SFX (Minimal Audio) / BFD 3 acoustic drum software workstation (BFD Drums) / Logic Studio Horns (Logic Pro X for Mac) / Alchemy sample-based sound manipulation and playback synthesizer (Logic Pro X for Mac) / Hollywood Backup Singers (EastWest Sounds) on track ‘The Fisherman’.

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