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Alison Fleming is a songwriter who offers a mixture of electro-acoustic and electronic dance music. She has her own sound - sometimes compared with artists such as Carly Simon, Annie Lennox, Sade, Enya, Indigo Girls, Edie Brickell, Daft Punk, Evanescence, and Massive Attack.

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Described as a mercurial blend of singer songwriter songs and electronic dance tracks, born of the same root demos dynamic and harmonious, the musical DNA creates a listener-experience well worth the scrutiny.  

The EDM version is producer Paul Baggott’s excellent muse. Alison relates, "We wanted to mix it up a bit by creating different takes on one set of songs. For the Remixes, going fully electronic with Paul doing his thing was the way to go!"


 The Hidden Backstory: “Mobilize, pelican dive : Better way to put it, get out of here” 

Song FREEWAY is such an upbeat number, a track based on the personal experience of an idyllic Gulf coast road trip with my brother Stephen; and largely about the joys of travel. So why include ominous lines, “Mobilize, pelican dive : Better way to put it, get out of here”?

The ‘Deepwater Horizon’ disaster happens not too long after our return from the trip. Almost by default a reference appears in Steve's post trip poem and subsequently ends up in a first draft of the song as a sombre interlude - lyrics…

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Creating the Freeway CDs 

[photo: St Augustine Beach, FL. By Frank Fleming]

The decision to create an album starts quite ordinarily, towards the end of 2012. I'm approached by Producer Paul Baggott (UK) who offers to tidy up a demo song leads to another. With a canny chemistry of creative-understanding, the collaboration gains momentum and there is no stopping us.

2012 might seem a good while ago now and 'finally to mastering in 2017', you might view as a long time to create a couple of albums, but to me 2012 feels…

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Conjuring the Lyrics to Freeway 

Freeway – a song about a road trip and a free spirit

It all started with Steve’s poem. Stephen is my brother. While being a natural poet, he has spent a large part of his life working on oil rigs and in heavy industry. 

A few years ago, the winter holiday season presented one of those freak occasions…a need to bring a car back and the perfect opportunity to embark on a 1000-mile road trip just the two of us, from Orlando Florida to Springfield Missouri. 

Early January the weather in Florida was nicely…

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Songwriting and Romanticism 

Valentine's Day brings to mind all things romantic. Somehow on that day I landed on a Wikipedia page about Romanticism, and was pleasantly surprised to realise it bears many a resemblance to the process of songwriting, as follows:

A strong emotion is the authentic source of the artistic experience. Spontaneity is a desirable characteristic harnessing the power of the imagination to envision and to escape. This spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings can include confrontation with the sublime quality of…

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Introducing Freeway 

'Freeway' songwriter version (blue)

It's about freedom and travels of the road and spirit, heart and mind. A dynamic blend that pulls like the waves. The songwriter tracks are kindred to the original demo recordings. Working with Paul Baggott over the internet between the UK and USA it took a few years to get things polished. Very proud of what we've achieved and looking forward to rattling your ears. 

Freeway has its own freedom. You’ll feel a shift of atmospheres from song to song. There are hard and…

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