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The Producer of the Freeway project's two albums, 'Freeway' and 'Freeway - The Remixes' (Producer's cut), Paul is genius. A gifted multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, with his original tracks featured on TV and in the movies. We met online via the music website, Reverbnation. He offered to spruce up one of my demos at the time, which happened to be the track, 'Freeway'.  I was sold and it goes without saying eager to work with him. Opportunity arose! The Freeway Project albums one Songwriter and one EDM, were released in September 2017; a double digital  compilation followed in 2018. We've since completed album, 'Play On Words' released 17th March 2023 and have work in progress on a Remixes album.

Paul Baggott at his Studio (UK) - courtesy of Paul

Music Producer and Songwriter Paul Baggott - courtesy of Paul

Paul has performed, mixed, produced and mastered a wonderful album called 'Circle of Dreams', of songs written by songwriter-lyricist PeterTheLast.  A haunting 'Englishness' resonates... I was reminded of the acoustically ethereal sounds that connected bands of the early 70s although this album is definitely of today. Paul's sublimely gravelly lead vocals, beautiful instrumentals and production make the album just shine. Find this gem on Bandcamp.


english Composer, Producer, Guitarist

Tony Lowe's official website (pale blue button below) reveals just how famously successful, mainstream-established and prolific a writer, producer and performer is Tony Lowe. Inviting you also to visit Lowe & Fleming for our collaborations.

To note a couple of his projects of late, released on the Sunn Creative label...

ESP Project's album 'Invisible Din' features iconic artists including David Jackson (Van der Graaf Generator) and David Cross (King Crimson). The album showcased live in London in November 2016. I'm honoured to be among the album collaborators.

April 2018 ESP 2.0 project album '22 Layers of Sunlight' was launched live in London and went on to UK gigs. A marvel of symphonic prog rock, core players along with Tony Lowe include co-writer Peter Coyle originally of English new-wave band The Lotus Eaters and drummer Mark Brzezicki (who also plays on 'ESP – invisible din'). The album oozes juxtapositions, reflections of a shadowy future-world. The storyline is written by Peter Coyle. Beautifully written, arranged and produced by Tony Lowe. Cover-art by Cheryl Stringall MD, Sunn Creative.

September 29th 2022, formidable concept-album 'innerlife' was released - an attuned version of the GRAMMY listed (2007) album, 'All of the Above'. To be on the Grammy Lists is an unprecedented achievement for independent artists. Written by Tony Lowe and Alison Fleming.

Tony Lowe Productions, UK.



Tony Lowe - Creative director / music producer

Sunn Creative is an independent record label and production company formed in 2012 by Tony Lowe and his partner, gifted artist & writer Cheryl Stringall.

The label's extensive catalogue, news and information can be found at the Sunn Creative website (pale blue button below).

Check out just one aspect of Cheryl's work, the series of artful promotional videos. I was honoured to feature in her videos created for songs, 'Mystery' and 'The Visitor'  both from Lowe/Fleming's third album, 'Human Sleeping' (2014).

Sunn Creative Label publishes, administers and distributes the songs, compositions and performances of Tony Lowe, invited artists, and signed collaborators. If you are lucky enough to work with Tony you'll relish the warm-relaxing studio environment and the feeling of being right at home. When recording album, 'Human Sleeping' in 2014 Tony's studio was located in beautiful Dorset. The rewards of creating this album were matched by breathtaking views, good conversation and ample cups of tea (and, here extending fondest memories also of Ace, the cat).



Photographer (Sweden)

Madeleine's Site

The sepia portrait photographs featured on this website are Madeleine's work. A gifted Swedish photographic artist, we became acquainted when Madeleine lived in the United States. I love her art instinct and technical ability. At her request (I jumped at it) we spent a fun afternoon on a photo shoot at ‘Bear Studio’. The results speak for themselves. Her work is respected wherever it is shown; it has been employed by record label, Sunn Creative; and is used in the 'Freeway' albums' artwork. Madeleine continues in her vocation as a photographer, in Sweden.