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A unique combination of honest songwriting and great beats...Alison Fleming has been making headlines with her stunningly...”

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Heartfelt thanks to Rick Peuser at The Progressive Aspect for creating such a beautifully written, insightful and in-depth review of 'Play On Words'.



It has been said that “Music is what tells us that the human race is greater than we realize.“ How true. And welcome to Alison Fleming, whose lyrics and music inspire and relax. I recommend to all. Thank you Alison.

John Hugill




Very well produced, real depth when needed.  Quite eclectic as well with some folksy stuff, I think her voice is quite country, as well as a little Marling / Amos.

Mr. D Hall - Shropshire, UK



Such beautiful music. The folky/ soulful rhythms are unique. What a talent. Love listening to the stories of the ballads and the song lyrics. So gentle and searching.

Liz Tibbs - Somerset, UK



Built on a, now substantial, back catalogue ‘Play on Words’, again, brings an intriguing mix of words and sound that lies somewhere in the ‘wild west’ of genres. However, ‘lost at sea’ it is not, providing the irresistible ‘hook’ of intrigue, like wanting to learn a beautiful language. More akin to reading a good book, the album leaves you with a sense of satisfaction of having achieved something worthwhile. If mastering the song as an expression of human experience is the challenge, ‘Play on Words’ presents an intelligent and thoughtful take on that multiplicity. Tantalising sound imagery and mood are created with subtle echoes of the stalwarts of popular music over the years; the listener is allowed to make it their own. This is not ‘music for the masses’ [Who would ever admit to liking that] but a bold foray toward the outer reaches of the musical universe. Alison continues to experiment and test, captivating the audience with a veritable punch! Highly recommended. More! More! More!

~ Steve Hugill, Yorks, UK



Really enjoy listening to this album which grows on you the more you listen to it. Beautifully written lyrics and music, uniquely original. Thank you Alison. 

~ Jonny Hugill, Yorks, UK


ARTIST RACK (Featured Review):

Driver On Whisky’ (Remix)

"The project is an exciting milestone for the artist, and an opportunity to show off her growth as an artist and songwriter alike. The track is filled with energy, and sounds very relatable, but also has a personal edge that really connects with the audience, making for a really special EDM flavor."


ARTIST RACK (Featured Review): 

Check out this Review of  ‘Sine Wave’ from Alison Fleming 

Alison Fleming is a recording artist and songwriter originally from England now living in United States. Her music is very diverse and unpredictable, often combining the perks of different genres into one unique vision. 

Her most recent single, ‘Sine Wave”, it’s actually a great example of Alison's amazing versatility and broad creative scope. 

The track has a very brooding low-key introduction, with a lot of ambiance, and an experimental vocal style that makes me think of avant-garde artists like Bjork or Tori Amos. The swirling synth textures and deep bass tones are absolutely amazing, and the drop which precedes the beat, is strong and dynamic. The glitchy textures and sonic swells on the track create a thick blanket of sounds around the vocals, sitting perfectly within the mix.  However, everything takes a really energetic turn, diving deeper into Deep House, Trance and Techno territory, with some infectious percussion elements and edgy grooves for days. 

This song is a particularly strong composition, featuring warm synth tones, along with present and lush vocals that have a stark and expressive feel. 

If you enjoy the work of artists like Ellie Goulding, Daughter, or Halsey, this will be your thing for sure!


Albums 'Freeway' & 'Freeway – The Remixes' by Alison Fleming 

"When words fail, music speaks," so said the Bard, William Shakespeare. And so, I find myself now without words to describe the wonderful music created by this extraordinary talent that is Alison Fleming. So I will let the music speak for itself. However I must add that every time I play each CD I am amazed! I just love it. The music is both relaxing and inspirational. I can't wait to hear the next creation from this extraordinary talent. Thank you, Alison! 

John, Panacea Fl (30 mi south of Tallahassee)