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Project Freeway Collaborateurs!


Paul Baggott ~ Producer (UK )

Paul Baggott Production Services, United Kingdom. Fellow singer songwriter inimitable - truly gifted. Great to work with, Paul has true grit and integrity.

ALSO...Paul's 'boardwalk' design was chosen for the 'Freeway' and 'Freeway - The Remixes' CD covers.


Brandon Welch ~ Pianist ( USA ) 

The infectiously fun piano slap courtesy of Brandon, makes a quirky rhythmic scallop for tracks Freeway and Free Dance.


Stephen Hugill ~ Poet, Photographer, Inventor, Restoration Technician ( UK )

My brother Stephen's poem 'Sipping Pensacola Mississippi in Mind' written December 9th, 2010 is the lyrical origin (adapted) for tracks Freeway and Free Dance.

Stephen has also supplied photos for inclusion in the Freeway (songwriter version) lyrics booklet and most recently his sunset photo became one of the three photos merged to construct the cover art for double album, 'Freeway - Songwriter and the Remixes'. He also makes a cameo appearance on the double album promo videos and his photo features as the thumbnail for the video edit (5 mins).


Madeleine Thour Photography (Sweden)

Swedish photographer. Madeleine's work is gifted and well-received in the United States and Sweden. Her lovely sepia 'Artist Profile' shots are employed around the web and here at alisonflemingmusic. One photo also features, yet surreptitiously, on the double album cover, 'Freeway - Songwriter and the Remixes'.


Paul (Buzzy) Bosomworth (USA/UK)

Plays a precious Cornet line on Roll of Art (Songwriter ver. album).


Paul Fleming ~ Graphics Design and Marketing ( Sweden );  Mike Serrano ~ Film Director ( USA )

...who granted use of their spoken words, on song Roll of Art and its dance counterpart ROA Dance.

Thank You all Ye Wonderful Teachers

By no means an exhaustive list and a small spot to add a big shout for that musical connectedness: Forever gratitude to longtime friend Tony Lowe for his mentorship, tenacity, and collaborative spirit; thanks to our parents for their unending musical encouragement; to teachers Mr Warburton (music) and senior Mrs Faircliffe and her mantra, "You must practise. I may not be here next year" (piano); to choir masters and fellow bell ringers; to vocal/voice tutors Rosie Morris (UK) and Alecia Lyons; to Kirk Reike with electric guitar; to maestro mandoliner Jeremy Chapman for mandolin since 2016 and to the Chapmans’ fab American folk jams and Bluegrass workshops; and it goes without saying ~ to all fellow musician (and non-musician) family, friends and colleagues and associates who have helped and supported with knowledge, reviews, and sharing spirit and love.  

Ta, you!