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Alison Fleming is an English songwriter and recording artist from Yorkshire. Through her youth she took piano lessons and in the 1970s taught herself guitar. In the 1980s while working in publishing she started writing songs. First tracks had a folk feel.

Submissions to the London music industry were well received by A&R, who advised her to put her demos into better shape. Through NME Magazine she met and began to work with renowned guitarist, producer, creator Tony Lowe who produced some of her tracks. These songs won direct attention from Chrysalis Records and Hit and Run Music Publishing.

As her studio developed so did her writing style, which can be classed as 'singer/songwriter - alternative' -  avant-garde, art pop, new progressive, experimental, and Celtic folk-rock.

Notable successes include two co-written Lowe/Fleming albums, produced by Tony Lowe namely, 'All of the Above' and 'Second Nature' that landed on the first ballot lists of the GRAMMY® Awards in 2007 and 2008. Alison has also contributed to Tony Lowe's star studded 'esp project' and has co-written and made guest appearances on other albums on the Sunn Creative label, including the third Lowe/Fleming album, 'Human Sleeping' (2014).

In 2012 Alison began to work also with music producer and songwriter Paul Baggott (UK). She has released four solo albums - three under the 'Freeway' project, and the album 'Play On Words' (2023) produced by Paul to date. She continues to write and record out of 'Bear Studio' at home in Colorado.

PLAY ON WORDS - New Album 17 MARCH 2023

Kate Bush and Bjork are two of Alison's favourite artists, and you may (or you may not) be able to hear an unintended influence play out in Alison's newest offering an album of ten tracks, 'Play On Words'. If you like vocals with  an honest and emotive spontaneity and of a focus to connect with the listener; and music and lyrics that are dynamic, dramatic, allusive, imaginative and heart grabbing, likely you'll go for this album. While the tracks have a singular identity and range in musical style from ballad to artful pop-rock, to new progressive, the album has a consistent underlay making it highly accessible. Produced by Paul Baggott.


...daring a new genre, a challenge for any critic to compare”

Stephen Hugill ~ Yorkshire, UK

5 stars thanks for the great music!” - John Rose

UIC Radio Chicago ~ Illinois

Ali's voice and versatility blows me away every time I listen to her music. Check out the wonderful collaboration albums by the amazing Tony Lowe and Ali, too!"    "Thanks for your beautiful music." - ”

Lisa Tenzin-Dolma ~ Bath & NE Somerset, UK

Album: PLAY ON WORDS Really enjoy listening to this album which grows on you the more you listen to it. Beautifully written lyrics and music, uniquely original. Thank you Alison. ”

Jonny Hugill ~ Yorkshire, UK

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